Blog Description: Secret of Making Perfect Description

Are you looking to get some help on blog description? Looking at what can be done to make your blog attractive and to focus more traffic? Then you are in the right place.

It has been said that blog description is a very important aspect when you want to get real genuine engagement.

A lot many people are involved in blogging but they do not the power of it and hence most of them lack in terms of its description. You should know that it is the description that plays a vital role and hence it should be placed correctly with meaningful sentences.

You must have seen at times that blogs do not get ranked on google because it lacks the appropriate content and the stuffing of relevant keywords. Since content and keyword is the most important factor of any description.

So while mixing them correctly you will be able to rank your blog on google and hence it will be in front of viewers.

The search engine result page is the platform where your blog or post appears before your link.

Two Forms If Description That We Can See Are

First is the description that appears below your site link in SERP is the description of your homepage.

And secondly is the description of your blog post.

Tips And Tricks

If you have taken some tips and tricks, gone through some guide no doubt you will be able to rank your blog and reach the viewers.

Also, you can have a look at the key points of Blog description that will help you to know more, and hence you will be able to take advantage of it.

Let’s get Started With Some Few Basics

By answering these question you will get a lot many ideas in how you can perform tasks and how can you be benefited from blog description.

1. How Blog Description Can Be Written?

Before heading towards how you can write blog description it is important to know that what exactly blog description is?

So blog description is defined as a kind of summary of your blog.

So when you search for any blog on google below the link of the respective blog you will find a short description of the same to tell you the summary of the content you are looking for.

Image here-

Blog description is very essential since it is important for your branding and generating traffic.

Since in branding when users search for any blog they first notice the blog description and hence it should be very attractive and powerful so that it leaves an impact on viewers and also make an impact on your brands.

For generating more traffic and attention it is very essential to make your blog description unique and attractive. If it not so then it can be the case that viewers not stay and click on your blog.

2. Examples Of Blog Description

       There can many examples that you can look – – Fitness Blog

Focusing on the fitness for women, it tells you about how you can maintain your shape and size and in good figures. WordPress Development Blog

With all the clean and simple design you can take a look for the web development topics.

You can get the best photography blogs also you will get something different than what other providers and by looking at you can get what makes a blog profitable and popular.

There are lot many examples of different niche that you can take a look and for and through them you will make out on how you can write a description or how to blog description is written.

While there are different niches available so it can help you out in your niche as well and you can begin to explore and take ideas from.

3. How To Write a Blog Post Description?

If you want to learn anything you can, it is nothing a rocket science that you cannot achieve. Similarly writing blog post description is also easy.

So if you are using WordPress then there can be an option for you to use either

  • Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Rank Math Plugin

so just to go to the brief description to know better about them

in case you are using Yoast SEO plugin then you need to go the setting.

Later click on the 

Title and Meta option that is present.

Then tab on the Homepage option.

Now you can see the meta description field and therein you can add your blog description.

Along with that, you can also add the respective title and keywords onto the same.

Image here

Secondly in the case of Rank Math Plugin, first open your WordPress dashboard.

Go to the setting part.

Then you need to click on the Title and Meta option.

Later on by clicking on the Homepage option, you can add the meta description.

Note- if you want to make your content more engaging and powerful then you will have to make sure that you add meta description and attractive content that can help you to reach your audience and be a profitable business.

you can use some of the main keywords related to your blog so that the google crawler can make its activity fast.

Words present in the content matter a lot so make sure to use powerful words that can have an impact on the other party.

The meta description included should not be more than 160 characters and that is an important aspect.

Be unique as this is what makes your blog to reach more and grab an higher attention.

Always try to use the I and We in your blog as it tells you the actuality of your blog and readers take keen interest while reading.

The next and another important thing is the LSI keywords.

4. How Can You Optimize keywords In The Blog Post Description?

It is said that keywords play an important role while writing a blog you should add and stuff the relevant. Till now you must have understood the importance of keywords and the exact role that it plays in making the growth of the content.

When you will start adding keywords and mention the content according to that you will slowly and gradually see that the optimization is taking place.

By adding the main keyword according to your topic you will see that Google takes up the ranking of the blog and make it visible.

5. How To Add a Description On The Blogger?

To do this you need to follow some of the steps and hence you will find out how you can ass blog description on blogger.

Since blogger is a platform that will make you your viewers to understand more and easily about what your blog is all about. So to add the description you need to have an account.

It can be made in simple steps by providing few details.

After registering to the blogger account you need to go the dashboard and then click on the setting part.

Tab on the search preferences, then click on the meta description and by following this you can easily add a blog to make it visible.

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