How To Start A Blog In 2020 From Scratch【Step By Step Guide】

Starting over the discussion it is fair enough to ask that have you ever thought to Start a blog in 2020


then it can be a good decision If

Don’t worry above all points 100% solutions are here.

Here I mention some successful bloggers who are live Laxuries life after spending a few years in their blog 


Making Six-Figure($$$) Income every month.

John Lee Dumas was Earn $210,291 from his blog On Fire) .

John’s blog has been earning money since October 2012

John Niche are Entrepreneurship, online business & podcasting.

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Indian Blogger Pritam Nagarale Founder of Moneyconnection and Surejobs.

Check Income and Pritam Journey of BloggingClick HERE

Income Proof of Pritam


You have clear idea about blogging can change our lifestyle and achieve our Dreams, Let’s see some benefits of  Blogging.

Benefits of a Blogging

Next 15-minutes complete Guild how to start a blog from scratch. Don’t worry if you are Beginner in blogging

Even you don’t know any CODING just follow below 7 Steps.

Congratulation on deciding to start a blog in 2020.

Let’s take 1st step to your online success.

Read Once: By having a blog, maybe you will WIN or LOSE but if not then you will definitely LOSE .

Choose a Correct Niche

You Need To Choose a Correct Niche That You Can Write On

Selecting Niche(category/topic) is a Very Very Important step of before start Blogging.

Believe it or not, 99% of newbie quit the first 6 months just because they don’t passionate about a blogging topic which they selected.

I already give you two example of John Lee Dumas and Pritam Who are select their passionate niche and earn Mind-Blowing income.

How to find profitable Niche

Take a pen and Peper and Questioning yourSelf.

So always go for a niche that you are interested in and can gain profits.

Still, Confusing, Don’t Worry

Read a useful article on

【100%  Proven】step for finding a Profitable Niche: Click Here

Hope you clear about your money-making niche.


2.      Next, a Domain That You Need To Take On.

Choose Domain

Selecting a Domain(Your website name) is very easy that is another important part of your blogging career.

Here are few tips through which you can easily select your domain while investing much time onto that.

Still confusing I give you solution click on bellow button and go

Now, type a word that you want to exist in your site name.

Now see magic thousand of an available Domains name that is currently available.

I would suggest you go for  for purchase domain.


  1. Very Cheap Price
  2. Great Support
  3. Lifetime Free Whois Privacy
Namecheap Domain

Web domain plays an important role in your blogging career. If you are a beginner for this you need to understand what is a domain name that implies the website name that readers type in the browser while searching for anything.

Some of the examples that you can refer to is

After understand and purchase a Domain very essential step is to select Proper hosting.

Let’s move to the 3rd step.

Web hosting and domain should be good

3. Choose a Web Hosting should be Good.

Are you interested to know what is hosting?
Let’s clear it.

What is Web Hosting?

After selecting a Brand name  now turn to space where you save your blog data like

  1. Images
  2. Files
  3. Content
  4. videos and
  5. much other Information

Which company provide these services we call hosting service provider. who care about our data and database.

in marketing, many sites(company) provide hosting services


I and Many Experts recommend Siteground Hosting.

There can be like many benefits that this hosting provides and according to your budget and requirement, you can opt any one of these.

Non-Technical my friends may not clear about hosting 

Let’s understand with real-life examples.

Domain Means your Mobile Number (It’s always UNIQUE)

Hosting Like your Hand-Set where you save your photo and file.’

Handset Should be a good processor, high RAM, handle more software,  etc. 

The same as  Hosting also some feature which makes smooth our user experience.

I also select Siteground hosting for

Reason are given bellow.

Reason Behind Select Siteground GrowBig Plan(Best Seller)

WAIT, But don’t take my word here; There are Experts reviews about Siteground Hosting.

Brad-Smith's Siteground Review
Brad Smith (HostingFacts)

” SiteGround has delivered reliable uptime for a few years now. And their uptime guarantee makes sure that you’ll probably never have any significant downtime issues.”

Syed-Balkhi Siteground Review
Syed Balkhi (WPBeginner)

“SiteGround is one of the most popular and highest rated hosting providers in the WordPress community. They provide unique in-house WordPress speed and security solutions to make your site as fast and secure as possible.”

in the market many hosting service provider available

It’s Totaly UP TO YOU choose to host for your blog.

I just see a review of Top Industry Expert and what I also Using part many years for my many websites.

Now Follow this  Essential step for purchase Siteground Hosting Step By Step

1. Click On This  Siteground Link to start your first blog.

1. Choose Your Affordable Plan

Select  Startup or GrowBig Plan according to your budget for your new blog.

Select Siteground Plan
2. Add Your Selected Favorite Domain
4. Fill in your Information

Now, fill in your  Personal Information here. please double check your email id.

5. Fill in your Credit Card Details

Now, fill carefully your Credit card/Debit card details for the final payment for buy hosting.

6. Confirm-The-Conditions

Tick to agree to the Conditions and Coverage of Siteground Internet Hosting and Click the”Pay Now” button to complete the purchase.

Wait few minutes then check mail inbox some important email about your hosting.

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased a hosting and domain to start a new blog in 2020.

Let take the next step to set up your dream blog.

Set a WordPress Blog

 4. You Need To Set a WordPress Blog

Installing Or Set up WordPress It is the very easiest step.

Just follow below screenshot.

1. Log in to your  Siteground Hosting Account and  Click on Websites:


2. Then select Website name means Domain Name

Select Website-Domain Name

3. Click on Install and Manage option from WordPress Menu 

Select Install and Manage Option

4. Now click on the Select button as per Screenshot

Select Install and Manage Option 1

5.  Fill Admin Info and click on the Install button

Set wordpress admin login details

Congratulations, Now your blog is live checking it from browser.

select a perfect theme

5. Select a Perfect Theme That Can Grab An Attention

After Successfully install WordPress. Now turn to Select proper Theme for your blog.

same like after purchase a house we do Interior design for our home.

Good Theme design means Attract good traffics.  It plays a huge role in the success of your blog.

Some time blogger Select the wrong theme and then after some time very frustrated about their decision.

Before, Selecting premium theme keep in your mind below features

Keep in Mind Before Select Theme

Read Once: If you are using Cracked or Nulled Themes is like Architecting your own Destruction.

I use GeneratePress for BloggingBoost.

In market thousand of Free themes are available


I do not recommend the Free Theme as it cannot provide you with much benefit. user experience, usability is an essential factor before select theme.

Starting with blogging you need to invest in plugins and themes that can be beneficial for your business.

I also suggest you other Ultimate themes which I am using my other websites.

Some of the Best WordPress Theme 2020 

  1. GeneratePress
  2. Astra Pro
  3. OceanWP Pro
  4. NewsPaper
Select Good Theme

Support is a very important factor thus as per my research and experience  I strongly recommended Generatepress and Themeshop.

you can also find as per your niches like technology, health, education, pets services and etc. at ThemeForest.

It is also a huge number of themes are available.
But Again, Keep in mind
Checkout above mention features before taking the final decision.

After select awesome Theme now login your WordPress admin panel for installing it.

First of all, you click on appearance option from the left sidebar like a screenshot.

Login➡ Appearance ➡ Themes ➡ Add New


Upload Theme  OR  Search Free Theme and Install it.

Upload and Install Theme

Now, Successfully installed and activate your theme for your dream blog.

What you say, It is so easy. Am I right.

The main task is to customize it accordantly your need so,
Click on Appearance ➡ Customizes and  

Customize Header, Footer, Sidebar, font, Typography, Menu, Homepage, Etc.
After Customize,

time to Secure and boost Page speed of our blog which are a major factor of a good ranking in google.
Now turn to install essential plugins.

essential plugin

6. Plugins Are Essential Aspects.

Setting up of Plugins is essential to optimize your content, helps at
SEO point (Boost Traffic) while adding some more advantages to it. 

You can use a different type of plugins present at a current time according to your convenience. Some can be free and can be paid too.

Here I mention almost every blogger Use below plugins.

1. iTheme Secuirty


It’s a fact of blogging security high priority. I never compromise with it. iTheme is Best WordPress Security Plugin to Secure & Protect WordPress which provide

  1. Lock Out Bad Users
  2. Strong Password Enforcement
  3. Hide Login & Admin
  4. WordPress Brute Force Protection and
  5. Many security features provide it. Check Here.

Elementor is Awesome page builder for design page as per your needs. Create a stunning landing page by just drag and drop.

BloogingBoost also designs in elementor.

An essential FREE plugin for SEO. SEO is neccesary for rank in search engine and boost traffic.

you may hear about SEO Yoast Plugin

but,  Trust me, Rank mathe is providing a free lot of premium features which are paid plan in SEO Yoast.

Don’t trust 100% on third party tool or plugin so this plugin automatically backup as per your schedule and dave local, dropbox, google drive, and other sources.

As per research, high page speed means high traffic. WP Rocket boosts up your site speed. 

Highly recommended plugin by Me and many industry experts for page speed.

Read Once: If you are using Cracked or Nulled Plugins is like hire Untrusted safety guard for your luxuries house.

Don’t forget Nothing Free in the World. Why people give you Free a valuable paid theme.

How to Add Plugin

  1.  Go to the dashboard
  2. Then Click plugin section and then click on add new
  3.  upload your plugin Zip file and click on Install.

After installing click on the activity to make sure you have done it successfully.

Now turn to publish your valuable content to your audience. 

Write first blog

7. Write your first blog then publish also make sure to make it live.

So after going all the process of setting up it is the time that youneed to publish your first blog. Now for that, you need to go to the

Dashboard ➡ Click on the post ➡ Add New

Then tap on the add new, you need to place the heading, content main
body text, add an image along with the tags and you are good to publish it.

Now your blogging journey starts Here.
Congratulations on it.

It’s Time To Gain Some Revenue Through You Published Blog

So it is the time that you have been stepped into the blogging career
since you have publishes your blog now you should attempt. Now the next step is
to take make a way that how you can earn well while taking your blogging

So through all the tips and tricks that have been mentioned, you will be able to start your blog from scratch and hence you will be able to enhance your skill and get revenue.

While it is just a matter of interest if you are good at writing then you are never the less and can start your blogging career.

FAQ’s That Will Help You To Start Your Blog

To start with a blog you need to set a good host domain and that varies, so you can choose according to your requirement and budget and hence start with your blogging career.

There are a lot many tips and tricks mentioned in the above content that will help you to start a blog and along with that, you can also use Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing to get paid.

You can read some of the blogs that will allow you to give an idea and start with blog business.

You can amend some tips and different strategies, with the right keywords, social media marketing, and other activities that can help you to get traffic.

No doubt it can be a good idea to start a blog and if you are good at the same then no one can stop you to make your presence over the web.

Yes, you can start blogging for free, but if you are looking to set up your business and want to earn revenue then you will have to switch and purchase a proper hosting and domain to get your blog a wider platform.

So I hope the above-mentioned details will help you to start your blogging efficiently and healthily.

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