I Bought Domain Name Now What?

Thinking About Online Presence?

Getting a domain is the first thing that you can do and make a step ahead online. but there might be a case that people ask on what can be done later after they have bought the domain?

There can be none things done after you have taken domain and you need not worry even if you are fresher you can a lot many ideas by visiting blogs like this or by seeing videos.

Technical And Functional Knowledge

Also if you have do not have technical knowledge about the domain and its functionality you need not worry this article will give you complete data on how you can deal and what all things you can do after domain purchase.

What Is Domain All About?

When you buy a domain then you also must know what exactly domain is? So while purchasing domain it helps you to get a unique IP address through which all the users and other viewers can access your website.

So with your domain along with your blog is a good choice that you can make.

By reading this article you will get to know what all the benefits you can get after buying a domain.

How to use your domain in multiple ways.


So have you bought domain how it can be used to make your blog success

9 Things That You Can Do After You Have Bought Domain

You can get a lot many ideas, tips, and tricks that you can make use of-

1. Need To Have Web Hosting For Domain Name

Once you have bought a domain and you want to launch your website over the same then you are at the right place. Whether it is for any business or you want to make your blog publish then you must have a domain.

So to get the same there are a lot many web hosting available, but if you want to go for the best then Siteground can be the choice for you.

While opting Siteground you can get amazing speed. Also, customer support is a must that you can require at any time.

How can you get started?

After you decided to take Siteground then you need to click on the link available

If you are new to this then you can go to the starting plan and then later on you can
switch to the other upgraded plan.

Then enter the domain name, you will be asked your “domain name” then proceed.

Later you need to fill the account information.

Then enter the payment details through which you want to go for a payment.

Allow terms and conditions and then go.


Click in the check-out tab and after all the steps you have completed then you are ready with your hosting plan.

2. Install A WordPress Theme

While working upon WordPress you can take a lot many advantages and one of them is the customized design but is it necessary to have the premium version to avail of some more benefits.

Yes sometimes you need to take the paid version and so as in the case of WordPress theme, it will help the designers to get them the finest theme for their business and also be able to boost and scale their business growth.

Benefits Of Opting WordPress Theme-

Top 10 WordPress Theme You Can Choose From

3. Creating an E-Mail Address

Creating an e-mail address is the next step that you need to do. Professional e-mail address means that you need to create it with your company name rather than the common like that of Gmail, Yahoo, and so on.

By creating an e-mail address through your brand name it will have more impact on your communication also the client can trust us.

So you must have seen that when someone contacts you through mail address (company name) you see and even if it is reliable you respond to them rather than

connecting to the other person with the usual email ID.

Professional Mail ID Is A Must

 Yes, there is the importance of creating a professional mail ID as it put a lot of impact on the other party. When you give the respective mail address it also reflects your brand and also gain and attracts customers.

So the professional mail ID and it set up through the brand name can leave a positive impression on others.

4. Redirect Your Domain Name To Social Media

Social media at present is the most powerful platform for business growth, as millions of users are making business through social media and also it has upgraded your business.

While redirecting your domain towards social media can be beneficial and hence a lot many people are taking advantage of that.

It is as simple as that of forwarding an email. It is a kind of mandatory thing where users will be redirected to the web location of your choice.

How Can You Do So?

There are certain steps that you need to follow to redirect your domain to the social media

You need to login to the account where the domain name is registered.

Go to the product option and choose the respective domain name you want to redirect.

Tab on the DNS option given.

Under the option, you will get the “forwarding” and then give the URL of the social media where you want to get it redirected.

 There will be two option present in the forwarding section

Forwarding only and Masking

In forwarding, only that will enable you to prevent the URL from displaying in the address bar and in masking the forwarded domain URL prevented from displaying.

Later on, you have performed then click on the SAVE option.

5. Make A Standalone Landing page

To make this step successful you need to know what is landing page and how it can contribute to the growth of a business?

So make a better understanding of a landing page is known to a homepage of your website that allows users to make them compelling to look towards your website and also explore the services or products listed.

There have been numerous advantages served by landing pages that the owner comes across.

Advantages Come Across

Focus On Direct Sale

It can be a general of a free trial page that will help you to monitor the sales perspective and hence the main objective of the landing page that will help you to generate sales for your business and your growth.

Help In Lead Generation

The separate pages are used to create to make or help to generate lead And also collect information about the visitors.

Build And Maintain Relationship

Once you have a strong landing page then you will be able to redirect more visitors and it will allow you to build more relationships that will help you for business growth.

It will help you to generate leads and hence you will be able to connect with clients directly and also there will be more chances to make strong and healthy terms.

How Can You Create a Standalone Page?

For making the standalone page you can use thrive, architect, since there are a lot many software and tools available but this can be the best.

If you are not aware of the coding part then no worries you will be able to use it more conveniently.

Steps Involved

You need to install the respective plugin into your WordPress blog and then activate it.

Later on, make a page and then click on the import template option.

Now you can choose any template to personalize.

6. You Can Create A Personal Private Blog

So if you have bought a domain and now you are wondering what can be done, so these tips will make sure you get some of the other ideas.

So you are not going for any online business, blogging is what you can do if you have an interest in sharing experiences and other ideas.

Through the blog, you will be able to do so.

To Make It As A Career

While doing blogging and also when you put down your blogs you need to make sure to put some of your information so that users can connect with you.

You can add your social media links, your contact number, and email as well.

Blog post format is an important thing you need to focus on.

You can also make your blog private while taking some necessary steps.

You can discourage with search engine while going into the setting option and then click on “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”.

Next, a plugin called private only can also be used.

7.Flourish A Brand Vanity URL With Your Domain

Before starting this you should know that the vanity URL is created for people to remember any web address and hence it is possible through this.

So suppose if we take any URL like www.westlongservices.com so it is big and not very easy to remember. So it can be shortened and hence it will be redirected to the main page.

No matter if the URL is shortened it will give the same benefit of redirecting you to the main page of the website.

The vanity URL has been used for multi-purposes like online, offline marketing, and so on.


Helps in branding

Your brand gives a lot of visibility to your brand and helps to grow business and the vanity URL has a lot of contribution to the business person.


You have a great impact on adding the keyword to your competitor, and this is what helps you to make your business grow.

How To Create a Vanity URL?

You need to choose the domain name you want to create a URL.

Then go for top-level domain like .link, .click, .lol, .news, .blog etc,

When you did promptly with your space name and the TDL, you are flawless to begin making the vanity URLs. 

Along these lines, make a one of a kind vanity URL with your space name to acquire trust and validity among the crowd.

8. You Can Create An Online Store

Having a domain can be of great use to make an e-commerce business. It is electronic commerce that allows users to view products and make them purchase online.

When you will combine your website with e-commerce there will be a great chance of making users shop.

There are many benefits of e-commerce website like-

Convenient For Users

It is the most convenient and easy platform for users to shop for products since many people nowadays shop online as it saves their time and also makes them free to go anywhere and order while sitting at your homeplace.

Trust Factor

When you have a well build e-commerce platform then customers will rely upon your services and also they will develop a trust factor so they can be your regular client as well.

Purchase Globally

With an e-commerce website, it is not restricted to any city or place you can shop it from worldwide. So no matter where you are and from where you are you have the full right to shop and make purchases online.

9. Adding Content Part

So you have got so many ideas on what you
can do while you have bought a domain and hence you can make a lot many

But it is very important to add content to
your website since it has the power to blow your business.

Always go for unique and fresh content and
as you make it you will be able to grow more.

You should add content that contains all
the relevant options and also it should be able to drop some information to the

To add keywords as it has the power to make
your business grow. Try to stuff keyword in content in such a way that it
enhances the value of content that can be beneficial to you.

Call to action is the major step of your
website so make the customer move to the next step after they have visited your

You can add it to your content or your
homepage and that will help you to see in more conversion rate.

At The End

With so many useful information and steps
discussed, you can make your move on how your domain can be used and also in
terms of growth whether it is in the form of blogging or any other business.


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