30+ SEO Affiliate Programs- Competitive But Profitable

If you have decided to go for the SEO affiliate programs then it is very important to have a detailed analysis of the same. Before going or starting any program you should be aware of the facts and figures so that it can help you in your activity.

So to start with the SEO Affiliate Programs, you must know that there are millions of people to whom you may have competition so it is essential to have complete knowledge to do your best.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for Google to crawl if you are a new website with almost no authority since it will have a huge impact.

There are many ways that SEO practitioners are putting in front to help about the search and too to help in

  • Search marketing
  • Optimization
  • And analysis

It is google that has been providing information for all your queries and because of the respective practitioners.

The platform should contain some strong video channels.

The second and most important step includes the podcast with some finest SEO experts.

The tools will help you makes to improve your ranking and then you can also go for the templates and other training programs.

It is important to rank your keywords so that it can help you to make the brand visible.

SEO Affiliate Programs

Since at present time business are more focusing on SEO since there are many reasons one of which includes that it can give the best returns and there is always a huge demand at present.

Affiliate marketing has become one of the reasons for passive income.

Some of the SEO Affiliate Programs

Some of the best SEO affiliate programs that can be profitable and you can include are-

1. Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) Affiliate Program

Being continually updated with the new features, it is the leading software solution in the SEO industry

It is used for rank, tracking, analytics, and for the research purpose.

This affiliate program can be started and hence no start-up cost required so that you can be at ease.

You can also get the pre and post-sales reports.

It pays up to 50 percent of the first-month commission.

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2. Ahrefs Affiliate Program

Ahrefs is known to be the best and most powerful tool if you are looking to manage your site or in terms of SEO. There has been a plan that has been mentioned over time ago regarding affiliate marketing.

The program started in 2011 and they also offered the commission of 20% which means you will be able to get the 20 percent commission of the first sale.

By going through the program you can have your profit.

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3. Audisto Affiliate Program

There are a variety of websites that are designed, also according to the needs they are large or small, so Audisto has an advanced crawler facility and specially made for larger sites.

It helps in the audit process for technical websites. The overall content and no doubt the quality.

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4. Authority Labs Affiliate Program

Coming into the category of rank tracking tool, it also makes you avail free tools that include 

Backlink Checker, Keyword Grouper, Website Crawler. Also if you have a paid plus and pro account the Authority Labs gives you 50 and 25 percent of the recurring commission.

And those holding enterprise account go for 15 percent.

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5. Bright Local Affiliate Program

No matter if you are looking to increase your online visibility, local ranking, and citation, Bright Local powerful tool will help you with your marketing strategies.

With the help of it affiliate program that will pay you 15 percent and holds a cookie day length of 60.

You can join the program at ShareASale.

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6. Content King Affiliate Program

Content plays a vital role and hence it can be the best program to be chosen for all, if you are looking to make money through affiliate marketing then content king can be the best option.

It makes you in real-time SEO auditing.

Give up to 20 percent commission.

A cookie that has a 90 days lifetime.

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7. FATJOE Affiliate Program

The affiliate program running since 2018, since the SEO and the internet business have made a huge impact on the growth.

The program offers a 10 percent lifetime recurring commission on any referral and has a 30-day cookie. The outsourced service that include-Blogger Outreach

Infographic Outreach, Local Business Citations, Press Release Distribution, Content Writing, Infographic Design

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8. Linkody Affiliate Program

A backlink monitoring tool that will help you to keep an eye on backlinks you get. It also helps you to keep an eye on your competitor so that you can also have the same quality.

The program is managed by FastSpring, which will help you to get the commission rate 30 percent and a cookie length of 30 days.

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9. Linkredible Affiliate Program

One of the highest promoting SEO affiliate programs, since even if you are new to it you will be able to run it within a few minutes.

When you start with us you will be given a wide range of banners and text links that you can place onto your website so whenever a user clicks it will be redirected to our website.

While offering

 Bronze Starting Commission of 20%

Silver $10,000+ 25%

Gold $50,000+ 30%

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10. Link Research Tool Affiliate Program

The program and the tool will help you to make sure which link is at major risk or in other words we can say is to make sure/aware of the spam links generated.

You can take advantage of this program later since it is under the development process.

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11. LongTailPro Affiliate Program

A powerful keyword research software and it will allow users to generate thousands of long-tail keywords. The main aim to develop the LongTail to minimize the searching hours of low competition keywords.

The program can be joined either at ShareASale and Post Affiliate Pro.

 It gives you a recurring commission rate of 30 percent.

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12. Mangools Affiliate Program

The tool is amongst the best SEO tool of all, you can start free for this program and hence it can be one of the good affiliate programs.

You can start earning with the help of KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, SiteProfile

Here the best advantage you can get is the 30 percent commission on every monthly and annual payment.

Also, you need to make sure that you make the registration within 30 days of the affiliate program.

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13. MOZ Pro Affiliate Program

One of the known tool kits for SEO, since most of the people, are familiar with the affiliate program and hence it can be the best option for you.

It is also compared with all the features and the benefits of Ahref.

There is no commission and cookie length as compared to other affiliate programs.

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14. Netpeak Affiliate Program

Technical audits that are an important part of the website then Netpeak Affiliate Program is the best option that an individual. It also requires a PC or a MAC version that will be the best option.

As far as compared to the commission it gives you the 10 percent discount on the initial start of your sale.

It is based on the concept that the more you recommend the more you get.

Also for the unique paid customer, you will get 20 percent on 5 unique paid and 30 percent commission on 10 unique paid customers.

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15. Ninja Outreach Affiliate Program

Outbound email marketing can be best managed by Ninja Outreach Affiliate Program. It helps you to get the 25 percent commission that is recurring for the lifetime customer.

You will also get an advantage of 6 months of the cookie so you will get time after going for the program.

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16. Rank Active Affiliate Program

It is the best platform that allows you to give an opportunity to earn well through the respective affiliate program.

You will get 25 percent 

from all the payments of your referrals.

There is no cookie length so you can get a lifetime facility.

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17. Raven Tools Affiliate Program

Containing one of the best auditor tools, the respective tool is targeted at digital marketing agencies.

Raven helps to fix the issue that has been discovered as provided in the audit report or the section.

It allows you to get the commission rate of 10- 20 percent on the sale of yours.

It will make sure you get the cookie time of around 180 days.

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18. Ryte Affiliate Program

The most technical on-page analysis tool. Providing you with the strong TF-IDF that means it will help you to evaluate and help in improving content.

The commission rate that you will be 10 percent, cookie that you can 90 lengths.

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19. Search Metrics Affiliate Program

It is one of the powerful and leading SEO platforms. It will help you to attract your audience, helps in generating more revenue, set strategy and hence you will get an opportunity to attract the audience.

You will be able to get 30 percent of the commission.

It will also offer you a 120-day cookie duration.

The major benefit you can get is the +10 percent commission from the 10 sales of yours for the whole year.

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20. SECockpit Affiliate Program

One of the most powerful tool for keyword research, it make use of cookie and flash- cookies and in this case if you clear cookies or cache then also you will be paid.

The commission rate that will be provided is about 30 percent,

The cookie length is for lifetime.

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21. SEMRush Affiliate Program

A widely known tool is SEMRush since the SEMrush and AHref go hand to hand and at present time it is much used among users.

It gives benefits like those of competitive analysis, keyword research, and also you will be able to put the respective competitor and hence you will be able to achieve all the possible things that you require.

The affiliate program is not widely in use and offers you 40 percent of the recurring commission.

The 10 years of first touch cookie.

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22. SEO PowerSuite Affiliate Program

It is considered the great SEO software and by joining its affiliate program you can earn well. The process is quite easy in which when you simply earn by referring visitors to the website and you will be able to earn 33 percent of what has been paid to you.

Includes 120 days cookie duration.

You will be able to track your reports and sales.

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23. SEOprofiler Affiliate Program

SEOprofiler with its free trial can give you a very strong backlinks analysis. Once you will go for the paid version you will be able to get the audit and the on-page report status.

Also, the SEOprofiler Affiliate Program does not require any cookie.

The commission rate is 50 percent.


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24. SEO Reseller Affiliate Program

Want to outsource your project then you are at the right place, the SEO reseller will help you in SEO, SEM, Link building, and so on.

It also provides the different facilities like that of White Label SEO, White Label Local SEO, White Label Website Design.

It will help you to get 5 percent commission and if you add your sub-affiliate then 1 percent will be added to your overall pay.

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25. SEanking Affiliate Program

The tool helps you to provide the site audit and the keyword suggestion.

It offers an individual of 30 percent commission and has a cookie length of 120 days.

Also, there is an ease of payment method that includes PayPal and Webmoney.

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26. SERPStat Affiliate Program

The tool helps you in researching keywords and also provides you the SERP questions.

It will pay you 30 percent of the commission and that can be used to pay the SERPstatbill and once you choose to pay the bill via the same you will be given 150 percent commission pay.

The cookie length is 30 days.

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27. SERPWoo Affiliate Program

The best of all ranking tool that will allow you to check your page rank and where exactly it falls.

The program contains 30 days of cookie and the commission lies between 10-20 percent.

You can also take 90 days trial where you can make and understand how the program works.

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28. Site Analyzer Affiliate Program

Another SEO audit tool that offers you high quality. It is a bit costlier as compared to other but when it comes to business you will take the best of all.

The commission rate is 10 percent and the cookie length is lifetime so there can be the benefit added to the same.

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29. SpyFu Affiliate Program

While focusing on the competitive keyword it is the finest keyword analysis tool. The program can give you a 40 percent commission rate.

SpyFu will make sure that you link to any page as the domain is registered as SpyFu.

The cookie length is one year.

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30. Supermetrics Affiliate Program

The tool that reports for PPC, SEO, Web analytics.

It gives you the 20 percent recurring commission.

Also by opting for the program you will be able to get the monthly pay-outs.

90 days cookie.

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31. The Host Affiliate Program

Among so many affiliate program the Host is one of them that enable you to outsource service like video production, the guest posting part, blog content, and so on.

It pays you 25 percent of the commission and the cookie length is 60 days.

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32. WebCEO Affiliate Program

Most of the affiliate programs allow you to start with almost zero investment and hence the WebCEO Affiliate Program is one of them.

By opting for the program you will get 60 percent of the commission.

It is an SEO platform where you will be overall SEO, keywords research that will help you to beat your competitor.

The length of the cookie is 12 months.

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Ways To Market SEO Program

There are many affiliate programs that one can choose according to the niche and the interest they have since in upcoming days the need and the demand of the affiliate programs will be increasing and hence it becomes the best source of income.

In Terms Of Client

So it is very important to market the client base and most importantly if you are an agency or a consultant this is the important step that you need to follow.

Once you make your client join the community it can be the best source of income that can be generated.

In Case Of Blogs And Forum Posting

The main aim is to build trust, you always try to post info since it is better to circulate info that can help people to make them make use of the same for further SEO process.


Making an SEO Facebook page will make sure that you will be able to deliver the result that can allow people to make use of your page and also in this competitive world.

You should focus on all the strategies of SEO(on-page

Email Marketing

It is a good platform to make you product visibility, as at the present and the upcoming time this is the main and the best platform. You can make use of video and e-books.

Content Marketing

Content plays an important role in marketing, you should also find the low competitive long-tail keywords, also with decent volume.

Also, you should circulate the content on a daily basis.


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