How To Shorten Links And Earn Money With Paid Link Shorteners

When you are up for blogging and making use of internet with no-fail has to use by anyone .whether you are into blogging, affiliate marketing, or if you are an owner of the website or involved into service providing you will always need a URL shortened to make it precise and hence valuable.

However, most of the individuals ignore the process and go through the regular posting, or we can say is they do not find it suitable or necessary.

But on the other hand, you are missing a lot from there. Have you ever thought that when you shortened the URL you will be paid?

Many individual ignore the prospect of URL shortening and this is what this article is about. In this, you will learn how the short URL can help you to earn online and also.

In this, you will find many answers that how you can earn revenue with link Shorteners and why to use them.?

How the working takes place?

Steps to shortened links and earn good revenue

The types of shortener that can be used

The lump-sum amount that an individual can earn.

So by covering all the above points you will get to know the advantages of shorten URL and also how it can be used to make you earn well.

Since with most of the websites, you can take their affiliate program, there 

other services and also they give you a platform that can be a step towards your productivity.

Although many online businesses can allow many people to earn well and also can take their business ahead since there can be a lot may options.

All About Link Shorteners

The method of conversion of long links into short ( to make them precise and valuable to be posted) that open once can be redirected to the original link.

We can put an example of any image

Image here

The short version is mostly used so that it can be easily shared on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on.

The method of shortening of a URL is very easy

For that, you need to select the app through which you can do shorten.

Then place the original URL and then click on GO.

You will get a short URL of the same.

What Is The Use?​

Look Precise and Small-

When you are a step ahead to shorten the URL then it is much more user-friendly, as we are aware of the facts that there is some limit for messages in some social media platform and Twitter is among one of them so while placing a message along with the shortened URL can be very effective at that point.

To Know Stats-

It is the benefit with some of the URLs that allow you to take some tracking measures like that of impressions on the post, the number of clicks, and so on.

So it can be very beneficial for you to make use of a shortened URL.

Hide Original URL-

In this, it will allow you to hide the original URL so that when users click on the URL that you have posted (shorten one) then it will redirect you to the normal one and hence it can allow you to reach more traffic.

And it is not all that you can be benefited, you can also make money.

What All Methods Can Be Used To Do So?

You can take a lot many ideas that can show and tell you how you can shorten the link and what all the benefits you can get.

While going for the paid shortener technique you must keep in mind that not all link short allow you to make money.

So before going to make use of you should have complete detail of the same.

Working Take Place

With some of the links, there can be adds place that will allow you to earn well called an advertisement layer.

And this is how the role of earning money came into existence.

Let's Just Look At The Working

Whenever visitors click on the shortened URL, there is an addition that is displayed on the intermediate page and hence you can make the process to go.

And when the respective URL is clicked it will automatically go to the destination page.

The process when done appropriately can make you go through how Can Links Be Shorten And Earn Money With Paid Link Shorteners.

Image here

All About The Best Paid Link Shortener

Many of the URL shortening service offers you to provide a tool that will let you know who is clicking on your link (that includes form where the click has been generated like which country and the respective language.

So as we are aware of the fact that there are many link Shortener that can be used but some of them

If you are new to the platform and want to go for the link shortener then is the highest-paid URL shortener over the internet.

It offers the highest payout.

You will be able to make a ton of revenue by attracting traffic from countries.

It has a simple user interface and the minimum payout is about $5.

The most effective platform to make revenue from shortening of URL and comes into the category of most trusted one.

It has a minimum payout of $5 for PayPal and Webmoney and &20 for Payoneer.

You will also be able to get the 20 percent commission on referral.

Offers high CPM rates for the US audience.

It is another URL shortener that helps you to make money online, it also helps you to get paid for every two times a month.

It helps an individual to make multiple views from the same users.

CPM rate is $1.5 for all traffic (US traffic).

While talking about and it is well-known among users and hence also a great source of income.

It can be used to make a good amount of money and hence can be taken with all benefits and advantages. On the other hand, is new and is not used by many of the individuals.

Building Landing Page And Increasing Traffic

Building a landing page that can be made with any of the pages, like that of movies, any of the websites, or any other specific page.

When any of the visitors click onto the same page, then it will be redirected to the main page the one you have made linked to the site.

Image here

To do this a paid campaign can be done (PPV) and ultimately you can see how much traffic has been driven and how much engagements have been done.

Different countries will show different statistics.

How Can You Collect And Analyse Data

You can see the actual report through the clicks and the analytics that has been made that includes-

How many clicks have been generated since it will help you to know how many visitors have been through your website and hence you can get the actual data

Also, you will be able to know how much revenue has been generated.

The number of clicks has been made to the website.

Like those of view that you can manage to see.

The number of unique visitors.

The data has been collected from the link click and the unique clicks.

The revenue the clicks, the counted visitors

Google Analytics That Help You To Track Traffic

The most widely used traffic analytics software helps you to analyze the number of visitors to your website and helps you to succeed in your business.


Image here

Benefits Of Google Analytics

It helps you to figure out what kind of impression has been made to your website.

From where the users have been visiting.

The ranking in the search engine.

You will be able to set your goals.

You Can Take Data From Paid Shortener

You can set the original link (while making them short) and analyze how many unique visitors have been through your website, the number of clicks, and the impression that has been made.

Image here

Revenue And eCPM

Google Analytics will tell you the actual impression and also the unique clicks.

You can also get the actual revenue generated and hence the eCPM is the “effective cost per mile” 

The calculation of eCPM is done by the number of total earnings divided by the total number of impressions.

Image here

Analytics Set

You can place google analytics to know how many impression and clicks have been made and hence also to know how much revenue has been generated.

Image here

Image here

Image here

Image here

In Case Of Mixed Traffic

Image here

Image here

Image here


There are a lot of many link shorteners that one can take depending upon the features and the benefits that you can get. Always go for the short link rather than the original so that it can offer you the benefits that you have not to avail of before.

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