7 AdSense Alternatives For Small Website

It has been said that and also you must have read somewhere that AdSense is the highest paying ad network in the world and an individual business or a person rely on the same. It can be very beneficial when it comes to your business growth.

So if you are facing the problem of low traffic then you can place AdSense on your blog or any service that you want to.

Many people rely on the method of AdSense to gain revenue. Also, you need to look for certain terms and conditions to get approved, and later you can have benefited from that.


Facing from the problem of low traffic can be the biggest advantage for your business, so if you are facing that too you can use any one of the alternatives that can provide you the best outcomes.

For Small Website

You can go for many alternatives to AdSense for small websites that can work for the low traffic. Many people go for alternatives while taking into consideration that it will work for their small websites, but every time it is not the case.

So this blog will give you the 7 AdSense alternatives that will help you for sure.

AdSense Alternatives For Small Website

1. Revenue Hits

Second and the other alternative for AdSense that you can use and also recommended by most of the individuals for low traffic and small websites.

Revenue Hits Ads Sense alternative

It is well-known to be paid for the activity done (done by the visitors) so you have full rely on this type of AdSense.

The type of ads that you can place is Display Banners, Pop Ads, Button, Footer, Interstitial, Shadow Box, Slider, Top Banner, and Dialog.

Also, it helps you to approve your account on an immediate basis.



2. Media Net

The network made by Yahoo and Bing helps you to go for Pay Per Click ads. It helps you to give high-quality over 50,000 websites and also the product is licensed by the largest publishers and other tech companies worldwide.

Revenue is generated on the same platform as when visitors click on any of the ads placed.

The design of the ads is what makes this special. And can work well for some specific kinds of niche.

You can also get the feature of mobile-optimized ad service.

It also comes to get pair with AdSense.

3. Infolinks

This is best suited for the low traffic and also for high big websites, in short, it
can be used for both and hence considered as the best CPM ad network. 

The types of links that you can go for is- Floating display ads, Infold ads which appear at the bottom, Native type ads, Popup ads, Text link ads, Interstitial ads.

After using this type of alternative no doubt you can see a positive result. It is also well worked for Indian traffic. While offering you high-quality ads, 

you can take them via PayPal with the minimum amount that goes is $50.

4. Richa partners

When you look for the AdSense alternative you can find many but it is very essential to choose the one that suits you and give the best possible outcomes.

Next in the category is the rich partners that will allow you to place Ads that can go well for small websites.

You can make sure to go for the premium and engaging ads.

It owns a great CPM rate that is covered worldwide and hence you can be assured in terms of your revenue growth.

It allows you to get instant approval.

To meet the push ads you can meet the desired benefit for the one you are looking for.

5. Propeller Ads

If bloggers need s to grow their website and the facing the problem of low traffic then no doubt Propeller is the best alternative that they can go for.

You will have the choice to place ads called Pop under, Native, Push notification Ads, etc

It is very easy to operate and holds a simple interface. It also holds the ability to monetize ads with push notifications.

The one who is looking for some good revenue then Propeller ads is the best alternative you can go for.

Besides covering some other niche you can also go for an adult website and the minimum investment you can do is $25.

Supports the advantage of web push notification ads.

6. Pop Cash

It is the best-suited network that is supported by millions of users around the world.

It can serve you the best amount on your blog and also you will be able to use it in a very precise way. 

While holding the best CPM for India and the US, you can make payment via PayPal. 

While taking this into consideration you can get best of all the alternatives that can help you to make your website strong.

7. BidVertiser

Amongst all the alternatives talked above it is said to be the oldest PPC network that you can take advantage of. Like those of some, it does not pay for the impression that visitors made rather than the clicks and also if clicks turn into a conversion.

There in you can take benefit of Ad types like banner, image, text, mobile ads, etc.

With just the minimum payment is $10, you can start the activity. You can get instant approval and also works very well in case of some niches.

So with all the alternatives provided to you can be the best suited and also works well, you can take the benefit any of the above and hence can look for growth and revenue purposes.

While taking the benefit you will be able to analyze if it works well for you or not and also based on that you can go for the affiliate marketing.

These AdSense alternatives can be best for your small websites and also for the low traffic problem so you need to worry about the same when you have the best alternatives of all.

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