177+ Best Web 2.0 Sites List 100% Free【2020】 (Build High DA Dofollow Backlink)

Web 2.0 sites are well-known to gain traffic for your business that is proven beneficial to you, it enables you to publish your content.

So if you are using web 2.0 websites that no doubt you are gaining credibility as a content publisher.

No doubt there are a lot many websites that can give you an advantage in case of increased traffic but are they worth it? So if you want the best then you go for the web 2.0 sites as they have proven to be the best.

So let’s just know more about web 2.0 sites and how they can be proven beneficial to you.

Web 2.0 websites focus on the content that is posted by users so that it can be engaging and attain traffic and increase credibility or we can say is the step towards the networking of different individual and different websites.

With the introduction of Web 2.0, it has laid huge popularity among the general public.

It has the potential to make your reach better and hence you will be able to make your networking strong.

The examples of the web 2.0 services are-

What Makes Them Different?

Before using any of the websites it is important to know each and everything about the same.

You should be aware of the fact that how can be it different from others and what benefit it can serve you.

So firstly it has a read-write approach, also has availability across platforms, the real-time discussion, and involvement of different media.

It is a wonderful approach that one can use for the link building purpose as it will allow you to make your traffic visibility and help to grow your business.

For Link Building Purpose

When we think about link building we get a whole set of Web 2.0 websites, for successful growth they can be taken as the first decision.

So there are two ways of getting backlinks-

If you are looking to get the good backlinking for your websites which is equally necessary for making your appearance better on search engine it is advisable to make a profile on important social networking websites.

To do so you need to make an aware search engine about your website and how it can be done? So to proceed and fulfill this you need to make an account on Facebook, Alexa, LinkedIn.

Image here

Also, the other step is what you can do is adding your business to Google My Business that can be beneficial to you.

By doing this will help you to index your websites faster and hence more reach and more quality backlinks will be generated.

Making Your Website Visible

Your brand identity is what makes you put up front. so after creating a profile this is the next step that you need to take across different social media channels.

The best platform you can take is Quora and Yahoo Answer, so giving the relevant answer will help you make your presence even stronger.


So among a variety of web 2.0 websites here enclosing the top ones that will help you.

Top 10 Web 2.0 Websites For Link Building Are—

As stated earlier there are many websites present over the internet that you can get for link building but the most important thing is that to choose the best that can not only deliver the result but also satisfy your business needs.

It is very essential to keep an eye on the link because in the process of link building it sometimes happens that you can generate some of the links that can harm your business or it is like an unwanted link generated.

So can take the high domain authority links that will be the best for you because they will protect you from any malicious links that have been created in the future as well.

For Blogging Websites

The websites involved in this category is used for personal blogs and websites, you can also create a secondary website that can be linked to the main website of yours.

1. Blogger

Blogger is one of the most powerful websites for link building as it is used mostly bu bloggers to make their posts visible by reaching high traffic.

It has a domain authority of 100 and what can be the best rather than this and also help in making your ranking upward.

2. WordPress.com

It often becomes difficult to choose which platforms serves you best, until you take a benefit. So from so many websites, you have to choose one according to the need and the choice of you. WordPress is another high domain authority of 94 and counted as the most powerful platform.

So when you start with your content it becomes easier for your rank your website while creating the quality of a good backlink.

3. Wix

Coming into the trend of blogging niche, it helps you to create your website within few minutes. With a lot of many features available you will be able to make and build the whole set up.

No matter, if you are new to this trend Wix, will ensure that you do your task without involving much effort into the same.

Once you have done all the activities required like domain name, making a profile, the Wix will help you in making your website.

It holds a domain authority of 93.

4. Weebly

It is present as a free service that an individual can avail of. It can be seen that it may not serve the advantages like that of others but can reach near to Blogger and WordPress.

It will give you an ease to explore the themes and the features present that will make you understand the concept easily to make your website more presentable.

Social Bookmarking Websites

These type of websites are used for generating backlinks that can serve good credibility and reach of your websites.

1. Reddit

At present, if you are looking for the best link building then Reddit can serve you best. It will help you in increasing traffic on the particular niche you want and secondly no doubt quality backlinks.

While posting on the Reddit you will be experiencing the other side of the backlinks.

If you have thought of any topic that you need to post then covering with some good content can help you get your target done,

For example, if your link is not clicked by many individuals but even a few of them then you will be able to get a dofollow link.

With its domain authority 90, it can give a good search engine score.

2. Stumble Upon

Most of the people are not aware of the Stumble Upon but the on has used will give the feedback that can even amazed you.

So it depends upon what all experience do you have with different sites. So with Stumble Upon it helps in content distribution and helps in collecting the finest link and supplying them under a different domain.

Here you will be able to see while creating a profile on the website.

Domain authority is 90, offering a no-follow link.

With all such benefits, it also provides you with achieving a fast crawling rate.

3. Quora

 The platform serves to be very effective in link building, you can post an answer that matches according to your niche.

So in this case, if you have posted the relevant answer according to the niche then you can see the relevant tags that have been mentioned.

It helps in attaining you traffic but not do-follow link

4. Live Journal

A live journal is not much in use at present, earlier people used to share their journal with other people.

While not being much in use, popularity and use have been laid down.

As if you want to invest in this particular site then you can as it also gives you high PA and DA.

The factors will help you to boost the SERP’s.

Microblogging Websites

This particular category lay between the blogging and social bookmarking category. It also serves you with the best backlinks and the traffic purpose, so you can make use of the sites.

1. Tumblr

One of the most popular websites among individuals, with its domain authority 99 it serves you to achieve backlinks and the traffic that can help you to roll your website.

You can create microblogging websites to make content backlinks, creating your profile as well.

Most importantly it gives you do-follow links, you can add post and reshare to make your visibility

2. Medium

One of the strongest Microblogging Websites that most of the population is using, the medium aims to give you the traffic and the backlinks like that of others.

In this you can create your line and start promoting this will help you to be your own master.

Domain’s authority is 93.

So the above-mentioned web 2.0 sites list can be very beneficial to you no matter if you’re doing a job for others or you own business these sites will make you understand how you can achieve strong and finest backlinks for your websites.

Each one has its advantages and hence it can only be known after using, so why to wonder just take the help of web 2.0 site and make a step towards some good amount of backlinks.


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